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You are now able to access your account anywhere in the United States, anytime day or night.
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Common Questions & Answers   PIN Required States   Fraud Monitoring Information

Important Debit Card Information Update

With the high volume of debit card skimming and fraud, to protect your accounts even further, we have set some types of transactions in some states to require a PIN to approve your debit card transactions.

Your PIN is required for SOME merchants (for example: gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies) in some states.

If you are traveling and are denied while attempting a transaction as a “credit” (without your PIN), please try again using your PIN as a “debit”.

All foreign countries are blocked (regardless of PIN transactions).

You can use your card at Dynamic’s ATM to withdraw cash 15 times per month and to do 15 balance inquiries per month for free; after that there is a $2.00 charge per cash withdraw or inquiry.  Dynamic also allows cardholders 5 free Point of Sale Transactions (debit transactions) or foreign ATM transactions a month & 2 free foreign ATM inquiries per month, after that there is a $2.00 charge per Point of Sale transaction or foreign ATM transaction or inquiry.

Transactions are considered “debit” transactions when you use your PIN (at an ATM or by selecting “debit” at a merchant).

Please call us at 419-586-5522 if you need us to research any denied transactions.

Also, our Reloadable Visa Travel Money Card is a wonderful solution to counter the recent global fraud activities. If you are traveling or making online purchases, we recommend you carry the Travel Money Card to make purchases at convenience stores and gas stations. The Travel Card is instantly issued at the Credit Union and the card is activated in 24 hours.