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Loan Rates:   (Effective September 26, 2022)

The rates and terms applicable to your account at Dynamic FCU are provided in the tables below. Rate and term will vary based on individual credit score and all loans are subject to credit approval. An additional 1/4% off for pre-approval and 1/4% off for direct deposit and automatic payment.
Vehicle Loans - 2020 through 2023 Models
Term APR* (As low as)
60 Months 5.50%
72 Months 5.50%
84 Months 5.50%

Vehicle Loans - 2017 through 2019 Models
Term APR* (As low as)
60 Months 5.50%
72 Months 5.50%

Vehicle Loans - Older Models to 2013
Term APR* (As low as)
48 Months 5.50%

RV/Boat/Motorcycle Loans
Term APR* (As low as)
See Above Vehicle Terms Same As Vehicle Rates
Greater than $40,000 and 120-144 months Vehicle Rate + 1.5%

Small Implement Loans
Type APR* (As low as)
Less than $40,000 Vehicle rate + 1%
Greater than $40,000 and 84-120 months Vehicle rate + 2%

Unsecured/Secured Loans
Term APR* (As low as)
Unsecured - 60 months 10.50%
Shared Secured - 84 months 4.75%
Share CD Secured CD rate + 2.5%

VISA Credit Cards
Type APR* (As low as)
Platinum w/Rewards 9.90%
Classic 11.90%

Home Equity Line of Credit
Term APR* (As low as)
120 months 6.75%
(3 year fixed rate, 5 year draw period, 10 year repayment period, no annual fee, no per advance fee, line of credit up to 80% of equity value.  Floor Rate is 4.00% and maximum rate is 17%)

Mortgage Loans - Residential and Investment
For current rates, call 419-586-5522 or   

*APR =Annual Percentage Rate

APR (As low as) assumes excellent borrower credit history. Your APR may differ based on credit history, approved loan amount, and term. Loan application fee applies.

All rates and terms are subject to change. Contact us for the most current information at 419-586-5522.