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Dynamic Federal Credit Union
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Celina, OH 45822

Phone: 419.586.5522
Toll-Free: 844.586.5522
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Dynamic Federal Credit Union Fee Schedule
Effective As Of 11/01/2022
Fees are subject to change. Please refer to the Credit Union's account disclosure information for a more detailed outline of accounts available.
Account Withdrawal $5.00/Withdrawal
Copy of Check $7.00/Check
Returned Item $7.00/Item
Stop Payment $32.00/Request
Check Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees:
   Transfer Fee
   Member Privilege
   Returned Item

$32.00/Paid Item
$32.00/Item each time presented
Account Reopen $10.00/Account
If reopened within 6 months of closing
Items Sent for Collection $7.00/Item
Foreign Check Collection (Check not in USD) $60.00/Item
Wire Transfer $25.00/Outgoing
$50.00/Outgoing International Wire
Teller's Check $3.00/Check
Account Reconciliation $17.00/Hour
Account Research $17.00/Hour
Statement Copy $3.00/Page
Account Activity Printout $3.00/Page
Deposited Item Return $7.00/Item
Account Reopen $10.00/Account
If reopened within 6 months of closing
Inactive Fee:
Applies to Accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or more. Certain restrictions may apply.
Garnishment or Levy Processing $30.00
Child Support Processing $5.00
Bad Address $5.00/month
Notary Public Free
Payment By Phone $3.00
Fax - Incoming/Outgoing $0.50/Page
Photocopy $0.25/Page
Prepaid Travel Card $10.00/card
Self-Serve Coin Machine Counting If amount processed at one time is over $100, a 10% fee on total amount processed
ATM Transactions at Non-DFCU ATM (Out of Network/Foreign ATM) & Point of Sale Transactions 5 free PIN-based (ATM or Point of Sale) transactions per month and 2 free balance inquiries per month; then $2.00/transaction or balance inquiry plus any potential fees assessed by the Out Of Network/Foreign ATM owner
ATM Transactions at DFCU ATM (Local ATM) 15 free ATM transactions per month and 15 free balance inquiries per month; then $2.00/transaction or balance inquiry
ATM Surcharge Fee $3.00/transaction for Non-Member/Foreign Card
Card Replacement:
   First Time
   More Than 2 in 60 Days
   Rush Order

$150 (Card, PIN, or Both)
Foreign (Out of Country) Transactions/ISA Fee
All foreign transactions fees are calculated based on the transaction amount after it is converted to US dollars
A fee up to 1% of each single/multiple currency transaction in US dollars will be charged to transactions processed outside the US, where the cardholder's country code differs from the merchant's country code.

Transfer Fee $7.00/Item
Member Privilege $32.00/Paid Item
Returned Item $32.00/Item each time presented
Bill Pay Service Free
Must be signed up for E-Statements
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees:
   Transfer Fee
   Member Privilege
   Returned Item

$32.00/Paid Item
$32.00/Item each time presented
Inactivity over 90 days $10.00/month
Overnight Fee $19.95/Item
2nd Day Fee $14.95 Standard
$4.95 Economy
Charitable Donation Check $1.99/Item
Gift Pay Designed Check $2.99/Item
Dynamic Federal Credit Union members with less than $300.00 aggregate balance in their accounts will be charged a $3.00 check cashing fee for any checks cashed under $1,500.00. For checks over $1,500.00, the fee will be $5.00. The $300.00 aggregate balance requirement includes loan, share, share draft, and certificate accounts. If you have an active checking account, the fee is waived.

All new members have three (3) months from opening date to reach the $300.00 balance. During this time, there will be no fee charged for cashing a check. Check cashing fee not applicable to members under the age of 18 years or High School Students.