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Financial Education:  

This page is for students, kids, adults, teachers or anyone that wants to learn more about their finances. There are home activities to do with your kids or there are lesson plans for a classroom, and it is all provided to you at no cost for being a member of Dynamic Federal Credit Union. We hope you find this beneficial and enjoy all the activities. If you want to find out more about financial literacy or want more games to play go to www.moneyandstuff.info . Click on the activities below and begin your adventure!


Piggy Bank            Doggie Coloring Page

  Preschool or Elementary 

 Middle School

How Not to Lose Money Activity
How to Teach Your Preschooler to Save
How to Teach your Preschooler to Wait to Spend
Teach Your Preschooler How to Use Money to Buy
Coin Roll Game
Budget Worksheet
Change It or Lose It
Plan It
Secret to Being a Millionaire
Check Writing Basics
Maintain a Checking Account

 Grade School 

 High School and Above

Budget Lesson Plan
Coupon Game
Budget Worksheet
Allowance Activity
Financial Glossary  

Budget Worksheet
Financial Plan
Credit Concepts
Budget Saving
Understanding the Means
Shop Around

Following are more websites for financial tips to help make better financial decisions: