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Debt Ratio Calculator
Debt-to-income ratio, which is comparing your earnings against your spending, is one of the most common ways of evaluating if you have too much debt. Debt-to-income ratios are used to give lenders a better idea of a person's current financial picture to determine credit-worthiness.

Gross Monthly Income:
Other Monthly Income:
Monthly Rent/Mortgage Pmt:
Car Loan/Lease Pmt:
Other Loan Pmt:
Credit Card Pmt:
Other Monthly Pmt:

Debt Ratio: %

Understanding what your Debt Ratio means:

  • 36% or less: This is an ideal debt load to carry for most people.

  • 37% to 42%: Not bad, but start reducing debt now before you get in real trouble.

  • 43% to 49%: Financial difficulties may be looming unless you take immediate action.

  • 50% or more: Get professional help to aggressively reduce your debt.

The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed.
Results should be discussed with a qualified professional before any product purchases or loan commitments are made.