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Dynamic Federal Credit Union
900 E. Wayne Street
Celina, OH 45822

Phone: 419.586.5522
Toll-Free: 844.586.5522
Fax: 419.586.5522

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24 Hour Access Telephone Banking

You are now able to access your account anywhere in the United States, anytime day or night.
To check your balance, previous transactions, or to transfer funds dial:


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  • Image of two blue medical gloved hands making a heart shape, with the Dynamic Federal Credit Union logo in the center of the heart.  
          Text:  Health Savings Accounts now available!  Do more than protect your health... Grow you savings.
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          Text: There is always a reason to smile... like our Low Auto Loan Rates as low as 2.5% APR*.  
          *APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  
          Rate and term dependent on past credit performance. Rate advertised includes deductions for pre-approval and automatic payment through
          direct deposit.  Rates and terms are subject to change.
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          Text:  2022 Scholarship Available.  Two (2) $2,000 Scholarships Awarded.  Entry deadline is April 29, 2022.  Winners will be announced June 1, 2022.  
          Video-based entries.  Click here for the entry form.
  • Background image of an arial view of a city at sunrise.  Shared Branching Is Here!  Shared Branching allows access 
          to over 5,800 physical locations across the country and abroad!  At ANY shared branching location: get a copy of your account history, 
          make loan payments, withdraw money, transfer funds, make deposits, cash checks and more! To find locations, go to https://sharedbranching.org/, 
          text zip code to 91989, or download the app.
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