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Dynamic Federal Credit Union
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Online VISA Credit Card Account Access:  

VISA eZCard - Providing easy access to your VISA information

Sign up at www.eZCardInfo.com to access your Dynamic Federal Credit Union VISA card information, along with access to great budgeting tools and payment options!

Enrollment is simple... simply click on the eZCardInfo logo above.
You will need the following information:
- your credit card number
- the last 4 digits of your phone number attached to your Dynamic Federal Credit Union VISA card account
- your social security number
- your billing zip code
- your mother's maiden name
- the expiration date on the card

Once you have entered the requested data, click on "Continue".
You will then need to set up a few security features through PassMark Enrollment (select a picture, input a phrase, and answer 4 challenge questions). If it will help for future reference, write down the information you put in for you challenge questions and input phrase and keep in a safe place at home.
Once you are enrolled, you will see your account summary page, and from there you will be able to:
- sign up for paperless statements
- view your account summary
- view your transactions
- view your statements
- create reports to see where your money is going
- make payments to your VISA credit card account
- sign up for alerts and notifications of due dates
- pay bills with your VISA credit card