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Frequently Asked Questions

How To
How Do I Sign Up?
  • From the www.dynamicfcu.com website, log into Online Banking
  • Click on the Text Banking tab at the top
  • Follow the screen instructions.
It only takes a few minutes. Note: You will need your cell phone with you when you register the phone because you will receive an activation code in a text on your phone which then must be entered into Online Banking to complete the registration process.

I don’t want ALL of my account balances to come back in my text messages. How do I select which account balance information I receive in my text banking messages?
  • From the www.dynamicfcu.com website, log into Online Banking
  • Click on the Text Banking tab at the top
  • Click on the link to Account Setup
  • Select which accounts you want to include in text messages and enter a 3-character abbreviation for each

Is text banking case sensitive?

No. You can text in uppercase or lowercase – either way you’ll get a response.

Why do I text 844-373-1802 and the reply comes from a different number?

The 844-373-1802 number is exclusive to Dynamic FCU, and is how the system knows to retrieve information from your account. The reply number is associated with our online banking service provider, and is the number information that is filtered back through to you over the wide array of communication channels. It could vary. However, know that your information is safe and encrypted while being sent and received.

Why does my message activity not show?

If you have registered a phone to multiple accounts, make sure you are viewing your messages on the designated default account for the registered phone. The text message activity shows on the account you send the text message request ‘from’, not both. You may be trying to view the message from the ‘wrong’ or non-primary account within Online Banking.

For example, you have a phone linked to primary account #11111 and trusted account #22222. You have designated account #11111 as your default account. When you send the command DFCU B 22222, it sends “from” your default account and you receive a reply with the balances on account #22222. You can View Usage and View Messages under account #11111. They won’t show under account #22222.

I sent a text request, but haven’t gotten a reply back, why?

It could be a variety of reasons, but here are some of the common ones. If you go through these options and are still having trouble, please contact the credit union - we’ll be happy to help any way we can.

  • Could be an invalid command, however you should get an error message reply if this is the case.
  • Command sent to an account not registered for text banking.
  • If you have a signature set on your text messaging, it will prevent your message from being received and getting a response. Remove your signature and try again.
  • Some wireless providers automatically block short codes when you first sign up for wireless service. Check with your wireless provider to see if short codes are blocked. If so, they will need to unblock short codes. Sprint is known for automatically blocking short codes.

Can I receive text messages for balance and history information on multiple account numbers?

Yes. You will need to register your phone number on each account individually within Online Banking Text Banking first. If any of these other accounts are trusted accounts that another person owns, they will need to register your phone number. Once you’ve registered all accounts, you can begin receiving account information via text for any of these accounts. If you would like account information for an account other than your default account, you will need to add the desired account number at the end of the command.

For example, DFCU B 12345, if account 12345 is not your designated default primary account in Text Banking.

How do I set an account as primary?

If you are registering your phone for the first time on an account (and have already registered it on another account number), you’ll have the option to select a primary account as a part of the registration process.

If you would like to change your primary account selection after registration, simply follow these steps:
  • From the www.dynamicfcu.com website, log into Online Banking
  • Click on the Text Banking tab at the top
  • Click View Linked Accounts link next to the phone number
  • Next to the account number you wish to make primary for that phone number, select Set as Primary