Dynamic Federal Credit Union

Dynamic Federal Credit Union
900 E. Wayne Street
Celina, OH 45822

Phone: 419.586.5522
Toll-Free: 844.586.5522
Fax: 419.586.5522

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Dynamic Federal Credit Union           
900 E. Wayne Street
Celina, OH 45822

NMLS ID:  665098
    Phone: (419) 586-5522
Toll-Free: (844) 586-5522
       Fax: (419) 586-5522

Email Addresses:

Diane Rodriguez/CEO - NMLS#767517: diane@dynamicfederalcu.com
Anna Toler/Loan Officer - NMLS#1851300: anna@dynamicfederalcu.com
Annette Samaniego/Loan Officer - NMLS#767519: annette@dynamicfederalcu.com
Kara August/Loan Officer - NMLS#1818483: kara@dynamicfederalcu.com
Lisa Klosterman/Loan Processor: lisa@dynamicfederalcu.com
Danelle Chesser/Member Services Vice-President: danelle@dynamicfederalcu.com
Deb Hawkins/New Member Specialist: deb@dynamicfederalcu.com
Jennifer Germann/ Back Office Support & Administrative Assistant: jennifer@dynamicfederalcu.com
Bree Goodspeed/ Member Service Representative: brettnyg@dynamicfederalcu.com

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Visa Payments:
PO Box 4521
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4521

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Lost/Stolen Debit Card:

Debit Fraud Center (may receive an email, a text, and then a call – in that order):